Lungs for Lisa



Lymphangioleiomyomatosis is a fatal lung disease with no known cure which affects thousands of women worldwide.


Since the summer of 2010, a young woman from Upstate New York named Lisa has been battling an exceedingly rare, largely unknown lung disease called LAM. Her story is only one of the twenty-five hundred cases which have been documented worldwide, but we hope you stay and join us as she documents her individual journey.
After four individual lung collapses, multiple surgeries, extended hospital stays and much more, the now 31 years old currently lives with only 16% lung function and in chronic pain, relying on supplemental oxygen to help her breathe and perform simple day-to-day activities. On this page and on social media, she chronicles the daily struggles of living with LAM while reaching towards the ultimate goal of achieving a double lung transplant, her only hope for a happy, healthy, and successful future.


I breathe


I hope